What to do

What to do


What to do on the Strada del Vino? Everything is possible.

For lovers of good food, the Euganean Hills are the ideal place for wine tastings in the cellars and wine excursions. Those who choose to dedicate their stay to the hot springs and spas of our hotels will enjoy exquisite moments of total relaxation. Thanks to the special paths we have created through the lush countryside, we are also the perfect destination for those who love active holidays and sports.

By using the filters below you can find the members of Strada del Vino that are right for you. A couple of explanations about the meaning of the categories and then … bon voyage!


TASTING: from agricultural producers such as wine cellars and oil mills to food makers and distilleries; in these places you can also buy products and, generally by appointment, visit the companies where they are born to have a full experience.

There are three sub-categories: wine, oil and typical products (meats, cheeses, liqueurs, etc.)

EATING: where you can have a full meal. You can choose between restaurants, inns and/or cottages

SLEEPING: You can choose between different facilities like hotels (no hot springs), thermal hotels (with swimming pools and spa inside), bed and breakfasts, farmhouses (i.e. farms with accommodation) or campgrounds

We always advise you to check days and hours of individual members.


Following are the descriptions of the members of Strada del Vino to schedule your visit or stay.

If you want help planning your trip, send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to help!